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Type machine apk paid download.

Type machine is the app that is used for checking history of your phone like if you write any text on your phone in any app this app will create history of that text in this app. If your are using any browser or any other app this app will record your action on any app in this app.

How to set ignored apps.

In this app you can set list of ignore apps to ignore creating history or record of that app you want to ignore after creating list you can disallow app from geting history of app.
Type Machine apk free download
Type Machine apk free download
Type Machine apk download
Type Machine apk download

How to set pin on type machine app.

Here you can add pin code to this app for your privacy purpose. If you want to hide you history usage of from others you can set pin code. There is an option for automatic clear history on schedule first you have to set timer for clearing history after that the phone will automatic clear your history on that time.
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Operating System
Android Phone

Supported OS
IceCreamSandWich (4.0) - Lolipop (5.1)

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